The Bill I would fast for

My problem with the Jan Lokpal Bill doesn't lie as much in what the bill intends to do. Instead its the concept of 'regulation' that doesn't cut much ice with me. Regulation, either by the government or representatives of civil society never did any society any good.

Which means I am not about to throw in my towel with a proposed body called the Jan Lokpal. I can't for a moment be convinced anybody's really concerned with MY welfare. And if by any chance someone's promising me my welfare, I'd say, take your wares elsewhere. I ain't the the kind that believes in pipe-dreams!

Now does that mean I believe society has no chance at real prosperity? Of course not! Nations can thrive! But for that they need to introduce the only regulator I am willing to trust! Competition!

Competition is the only chance society has at bettering the lives of its people. And competition can dawn only if we promote FREE MARKETS! As Stossel writes, 'businesses love to have government as their partner. There's safety in it. Why take chances in a marketplace full of fickle consumers and investors, when you can get secure money and favors from the taxpayers? It's an old story, and free-market advocates as far back as Adam Smith warned against it. Unfortunately, too many people think "free market" means pro-business. It doesn't. Free market means laissez faire -- prohibit force and fraud, but otherwise leave the marketplace alone. No subsidies, no privileges, no arbitrary regulations. Competition is the most effective regulator.'

When people talk about bettered lives, what they actually mean is better and affordable access to products and services. Well, that won't come via the government or the Jan Lokpal. It will happen only if we as a society demand free markets.

In closing, note what Friedman had to say about how abuse of power can be prevented in societies, "The strongest argument for free enterprise is that it prevents anybody from having too much power. Whether that person is a government official, a trade union official, or a business executive. If forces them to put up or shut up. They either have to deliver the goods, produce something that people are willing to pay for, are willing to buy, or else they have to go into a different business."


Sharan Gaba said…
completely agree with you Sir. But this man has done good stuff in the past. Has worked back then. The fact that someone is now standing on behalf of us and asking questions is a big step towards what we all want. At least someone chose not to take things as they came.
Ray Titus said…
Sharan, couldn't agree more on that! Anna Hazare is a remarkable man and sure, he chose to stand up. Kudos to him for that!
Agree with you, Prof! If regulation is bad enough, then regulation without transparency is worse. Its Strangling the business. Ex: The recent 2G scam.
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Unknown said…
In simple words,Bribe is the extra price we have pay to get the services becouse of lack of competition in market due to regulations by goverment.

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