What Digvijaya doesn't know

Political parties must learn to understand the potency of perceptions. Just look west-ward. Barack reaching the White House had more to do with perceptions than anything else. A little over one-half Americans perceived Barack was the saviour and so got him elected. Now look what that's done to the country.

Perceptions can dictate what happens at the ballots. Digvijaya Singh of the Congress Party in India is one who can learn that lesson. His latest charge against the former Karnataka Lok Ayukta head Santosh Hegde isn't at all smart politics. For it further alienates an already alienated and charged voting public that's reached the end of its tether with corruption. Sure, Santosh Hegde may not be well known around the country, but it doesn't really matter. The voting public will still see it as a politician trying to disrupt the LokPal bill.

Perceptions matters much in politics as in consumption. For a lot of what happens, and who gets voted in depends at times completely on it.

Wish Digvijaya knew. For Congress' sake.


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