Supermove by Superman

Superman must be dumb.

In fact anyone who threatens what Supey's threatening must be daft in the head. Daft means you'll probably end up like Sean Penn. Who likes Chavez and Venezuela. Oh, and socialism too because he believes its all peace and harmony in socialist lands.

Government can't go wrong with making us happy, right?

Wait a minute. Supey may not be as dumb after all. And maybe he isn't rooting for a Venezuelan citizenship. Its more to do with righting the problem of 'out of sight, out of mind'. Think about it, when did you last think of good ol' Supey? Bet not in a long time. Well, move over Clark, The Hulk and Ironman's doing better on screen. So is the Bat! Plus Manga's a rage on paper. Supey on the other hand fizzled out on screen. Paper too. I bet Supey's sinking. So what do Supey's creaters do? Come up with the citizenship stunt. Will it revive Supey? I don't think so. Supey's boring for the times we live in. Nothing dark about him. Nothing bordering negativity. Supey's plain nice, and so boring.

What's gonna revive Supey isn't a citizenship stunt. It will have to be better story writing and screenplay. Maybe something as philosophically idiotic as the Matrix. Or something mysterious and dark like the Bat. Even better, something totally new.

Till then, its bye bye Supey. Oh, and he can go be a Venezuelan. I don't care.

Cover Pic: DC/AP


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