Judge, lest ye be judged!

Parenting has much to do with making judgements. Take Jaden for example. His mild reluctance to go to school requires me to make a judgement as to why. And I have to get it right because the remedy that follows will be based on that judgement. Now why are parenting judgements difficult? Surely the answer may differ from parent to parent, but one thing I can tell you that will find universal acceptance is, there's much at stake!

Now I am not sure if Indian schools are run with much wisdom. Frankly I can't do anything about it even if I feel otherwise. So what I need to do is to get my judgment call right so Jaden goes to school, and doesn't hate having to do so. What makes this even more difficult is that at four and a half, Jaden isn't at his articulative best. Of course, I know it won't be any better when he's older for then it won't be as much about what he's saying as what he isn't. Anyway when Jaden's asked why, he says he doesn't want to go to school. Why, I persist. Because he doesn't want to, is repeated. Now I am thinking, is it a bully in his class, is it the bus ride, is it the teacher, or is it the laptop at home he's glued to? I finally settle on the latter. It is the laptop I conclude, he'd rather stay at home and browse the net. Imagine that. He's four and half, for crying out loud.

My remedy? I tell him squarely he has to go. That its best he drops his reluctance. For now he agrees, plus I feel he'll soon settle into the school rhythm.

For marketers too, judgements calls are dime a dozen. Why are consumers not buying? Is it the price, is it the retail front end? Is it our packaging, or placement perhaps. The questions are varied and in plenty. Now the judgement calls to be made may call for both data collection and interpretation. It may even be that marketers need to make an intuitive judgement. Either way, judging right or getting as close to is the key.

Remember, as with Jaden, there's much at stake!


Niyati Priyam said…
Well...I am proud when you say its net that Jaden is glued too...Like father, like son....
Ray Titus said…
:) Dunno if that's a good thing, Niyati... :)

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