The lesson Baba needs

What Baba Ramdev needs in these desperate times is a communication agency that can patch up his dented image. His 'in-disguise' escape video sure will only sully his image further. I can't think there'll be anyone who won't crack up seeing the video.

Think about it. A Yoga guru who was talking himself into Gandhian mould taking flight in women's clothing! The lessons Baba needs pronto panders totally into Marketing territory. Baba needs to know products can't sell on their own. If its a first buy, its always an image buy based on perceptions. Yoga can sell only so much. Only to so many people. Beyond that, its an image game. Building mass appeal is a far cry from doing body-calisthenics on stage. It calls for smart positioning and communication. On those counts Baba is going down, and fast.

The best route out for the moment is to stop talking and start building. An image via acts that connect with people at large. Fasting may not be the best of ideas. Running away, I can surely tell you, isn't.


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