Liberal Morality

'At some point, I expect liberal women to have suffered enough public degradation, enough personal heartache and enough wising up, to finally be willing to face reality. The reality is that "sexual liberation" has always been a social construct without a shred of scientific or rational, much less moral, validity...

Morally, it would take a complete idiot not to know by now that societally-imposed monogamy produces true liberation from humankind's constant quest for sexual satisfaction, thereby freeing men and women for building civilization -- those higher forms of achievement, such as architecture, art, philosophy, medicine, compiling knowledge, and so forth. Those pesky morality rules actually do spring from reason, whether one had the advantage of getting that reason at an early age from the Bible, or from trial and error in the adult world. Anyone past the age of 12 understands that civilizations don't just happen while all the humans are out chasing tail, but somehow, these elementary facts were lost on the oh-so-enlightened, oh-so-faux-liberated liberals. Especially the women, sad to say.

Men, not monogamous creatures by nature, could not possibly have designed a more misogynistic lure than "women's sexual liberation," if they had put their little heads (positively, no pun intended!) together for a thousand years to come up with it. That women themselves pushed this idiocy onto other women is truly the bottom of the barrel for those falsely claiming the feminist mantle.

If these faux feminists are the modern rule, then I would be forced to admit that men who still contend women are stupid might actually be understating their case. Fortunately, there are enough women -- alas, mostly the conservative variety ceaselessly scorned in the dominant culture -- but there are enough of us wise women left to give pause to those who consider our gender solely to blame for this modern liberal-woman's disease.

I'm still quite certain that Eve was framed by a bunch of Weiners sitting around a fire in their birthday suits. True, many of us women may be gullible in the extreme, but that is by no means an indicator that our gender is inferior, much less responsible for the entire fall of humankind.'

- Kyle-Anne Shriver, 'Morally-Schizoid Liberal Women and Their Weiner Husbands.'


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