When questions are statements

Its isn't surprising there are many who ask questions not intending to know anything. What they are actually doing is making statements. About themselves, in the guise of questions. Their questions though directed at someone, aren't intended for that person at all. Instead their questions are their illustrations of their selves.

Why is this done? The answer lies many a times in our desire for esteem. And we believe that esteem will come only if people know who we are, and how important we are. Putting that out in the open can happen via the questioning route. Like I said, the questions are more to tell than to ask.

As consumers we are always making statements. About ourselves. Some of them emerge out of a need to exhibit our identity so we can draw to us, people who are similar. At other times our statements are about our status, so we can tell the world how important we are, or how suave and sophisticated we are.

The kid wearing cutoffs is pronouncing rebellion. The guy with the aviator shades is desperate for an image. The man who writes his degree to his name could very well be telling us he is an intellectual. All in all, these are statements.

About ourselves. That which keep marketers in business. Amen to that.


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