Why order, or lack of it becomes norm

Roads in Bangalore have lane markings. Yet its almost as if drivers are blind to them painted on the road. The need to stay within lanes is never felt despite the markings. The concept of lanes exists to bring order to roads. Such order can't happen unless there is an element of enforcement. A certain period of enforcement may condition one to order, after which 'blind compliance' may become the norm.

In India when it comes to what's the norm on roads, its the exact opposite that happens. No enforcements results in near zero compliance. Therefore what follows soon is conditioned 'blind non-compliance'. Extend such scenes to consumption too. This is why there is and isn't order in consumption situations too. The initial order to checkout-billing may require the 'hand of guidance' at a retail store. Someone ushers people into queues. But once that guidance hits home, queuing up at check out becomes the 'blind' norm.

Lane order on Indian roads is a long way away. Blame it on near-zero enforcement, and of course on 'blind' drivers.


Zenchukovskiy said…
I have never been to India yet, but I was in Iran once. The traffic is something incredible! There are no rules on the roads at all)))

I usually custom research papers and have a free summer to travel. maybe this summer I'll spend in India.

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