The Bhajji baja is blowing

Frankly I didn't know there was a commercial on TV that features a Bhajji-lookalike getting slapped by his dad. But now that Bhajji is crying hoarse, I know. Plus I can't stop laughing. I thought the spoof was downright funny. Of course, Bhajji and company don't think so. And so the legal notice to UB.

Smart response? Hardly.

Why? Because their crying hoarse has only gotten more people to watch the Ad. It also shows they don't have funny bones which is a pity. Oh and yes, the brand in question featured in the commercial will at least for some time enjoy top of the mind recall. Agreed, it may not translate into consumer buys, but the recall itself is worth it.

The last I heard, UB hasn't reacted to Bhajji and company. Smart response? Of course. The publicity machinery rages and UB hasn't spent a penny on it!


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