Delhi Belly

'Delhi Belly is a juvenile comedy that gets some of its biggest laughs from the use of the vernacular for crap (‘tatti’) and from the Indian ‘lota’ system. Three guys share a dump in Delhi that gets just two hours of water every morning. The idea in the film is to give one guy the runs and watch how ‘tatti’ triggers major script development.

It starts off from Mr ‘Delhi Belly’ in the loo without a drop to wash. He ends up using his roommate’s cartons of orange juice (later, he complains that his ass cheeks stick together). When he asks the roommate to take a packet of his stool sample to the lab, the fellow mixes up packages and delivers smuggled diamonds to the lab and a tatti sample to the diamond mafia.

If you enjoy that kind of humour, Delhi Belly is the movie for you. Unfortunately, the ‘Adults Only’ rating has shut out the audience that would hugely enjoy this film—kids under 12—reminding them, as it does us too, of diarrhoea episodes while stuck in classrooms.'

- Ajit Duara, 'Delhi Belly'.


Unknown said…
both the articles are not correct this one is too negative because movie is not that bad

agree the most jokes are on sh*t but it still makes you laugh
Ray Titus said…

That's exactly what the reviewer is saying, that t*tti tales can go down well with a lot of people...and it has. As far as I've heard, t*tti tales has sent the youth into raptures...

Sh*t, that's cool, I guess...
Unknown said…
This is what aamir khan wrote in his blog about movie--

Aamir Khan Productions is known for its inspiring, clean, family entertainment. All that is about to change! Delhi Belly has the potential of, in a single stroke, destroying all the goodwill we have built in the last ten years.

Shit happens!
Aina Siao said…
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