Its my bum that makes me glum

The Daily Mail says one in two women over the age of fifty find the task of discovering the right pair of denim more stressful than moving house. I am not surprised. Though I must add the stress isn't really about the denim, its how their legs and bums look in jeans that's worrisome.

Also, don't limit the denim story to women above fifty, or women alone. Its about everyone. For all of us, clothes aren't about covering up, they're about revealing us a certain way. Pert bums and long legs make up wish lists. So do six packs and stacked racks.

Thus know the denims that sell will be ones that can package us well.


Zenchukovskiy said…
It's true that the women over 50 cannot find good clothes. They cannot buy glamorous clothes for youth, but at the same time they don't want to wear clothes for 'grandparents'. Communicating to academic writers I find out that this is a real problem. But it can solved, if we all will speak about it more. So that the clothes manufacturers hear us.

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