To ask or not to...

The lovely thing about kids is, if they wanna know or need help, they'll ask. Jaden's been asking a lot of help today. To get his board duster from the basement drain (don't ask how it got there), his crayon from the music system (don't ask...)....its been a litany of asks.

Adults aren't the asking kind. They don't because either its too embarrassing to admit they don't know or need help, or because they think they can pull everything off sans help. Agreed the not asking's acuter in public, because then its a 'visible' loss of face. Consumers too may not ask for help in your store. They expect the store to be stacked in a way they can navigate it well to get to stuff they want. If they can't maybe they won't ask, be miffed, and take longer to find what they want in your store. That could mean they won't be back the next time around.

Extending help isn't easy for service providers. For not asking may not necessarily mean consumers need help. Or it may just mean that. Figuring that and intervening is near genius.


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