Care's rare

Now I don't think food's a big deal. Ditto with cooking. But then when its me cooking dinner at home, it means much. Because knowing I am doing something that's for family brings in a certain sense of warmth. Its a good feeling, and its based on something real.

Its like in the case of love. Hearing love's different from experiencing it. On the flipside saying love's different from doing love. Saying's cheap. Doing's everything. And at times, doing is cooking. The way I did.

Saying you care about consumers is cheap. That's what your ads do. Consumers take such ad-talk with a pinch of salt. Caring's about doing. If you care for your consumers you need to prove it in your actions. Real care is caring post purchase. Though the money's in your pocket you respond to a plea and rush in to plug a problem the consumer's having. As I said that's real care.

Which by the way is rare. In life, as elsewhere.


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