Empathy is never in plenty

Alphy can't stand the commercial (featured above). But she can't tell why. I can. As a mom of a baby girl, and a li'l boy, she's dying to catch a quiet moment. Yet she doesn't see herself as someone who'll take to a grimace if she's loses a hush moment she's trying to steal.

The Admen behind the commercial thought there were connecting to consumers with a witty and identifiable scene. Yet what they lacked is empathy. They didn't care to know what moms really feel about 'exasperating' baby cries.

One critical skill when you sell is empathy.

Of course, being a mom helps too. As for the Ad, frankly I don't get it and I am not surprised. It'll be a while before we get empathetic Adpeople who make sense.


Mike said…
thats true ..except you can take that too far too.end of the day there will always be some risk and one can never be a 100% confident


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