Its Me, stupid!

If people tell you they love the company they work for, or the cafe they frequent, or the car they drive, they are stating what is an honest lie. They don't love their company, or the cafe, or even the car. Its them they love. All those branded products don't really mean a thing. Well, you may ask, what about the cars, the cafes, and companies?

You see, its what brands do to us that matters. The brands themselves are meaningless, its the personas they construct that have us going ga-ga. The company I work for may allow for greater self expression and articulation. Meaning, it has an informal culture which allows me to sport casual clothes at work, or has me calling my bosses by first names. The Cafe on its part gives me space to 'chill' out. The car elevates me to a status of 'cool'. You see, its me!

They make me! In return I love them. Which is why brands carry personifications that I imbibe (via purchase and use) to make me, me. And I love the made up me. Me loving me's only to be expected. If I insist my love for my company, car, or cafe isn't about me, then I guess its time I had my head examined.

Hey, goes for you too!


Asha said…
Excellent Post Professor!

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