The Marketing story in Anna

What is the marketing story in Anna Hazare?

Simple. Its a story of a need and a promise of fulfillment. What's the need? Pretty simple again. The need of a better life. And who's out there with a promise of fulfillment? Anna Hazare, of course.

Its mind boggling to think that for the last sixty years no one's (read governments in power) been able to give the common man in India a shot at a better life. But then again should you be surprised? Where in the world has government been the cause to a better life for the citizenry? In fact its always minimal government and minimal regulation that frees the ingenuity of people, which in turn translates into the unleashing of entrepreneurship that's at the heart of a nation's prosperity.

But I guess that realisation is going to take donkey's years in India. After all shaking off an entrenched socialist past first requires a paradigmic psychological shift in mindset. Then it requires fundamental structural changes in policy and governance frameworks. All of which takes time.

So I guess for now, we can sit back, or participate and hope the Anna movement hits home.

(As I write this, the idiot box's favourite gasbag Suhel Seth is waxing eloquent about a lot of things associated with the Anna movement that mean almost nothing. Coming from a former adman, should that be surprising?)


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