Om's said what Brands say

The talking heads on TV don't get it because they've never been in my class. If they had, they'd known though regrettable, what Om Puri slurrily ranted about is exactly what every other citizen wants to say. Om Puri said it. Every other person in India has been saying this in silence for decades.

Okay, but what about being my class?

Being in my class would have taught you and the talking heads, consumers are dying to express who they are. But they can't mouth it from the rooftops. 'Cos no one would care to listen to who they are. So what they do is take to brands. Brands speak for them. The brands they wear is the language that articulates their identity. For instance, denims from Levis that rides the girl's long legs is what screams her diva status to everyone else.

Om Puri's rant, despite regrettable language, connects 'cos it spells out what everyone's been dying to say. Tell you what, listening to Laloo's performance on the floor about parliamentary procedure, intended not as much for constitutional compliance as wanting to preserve a status quo that's made him what he is, seems to only confirm the possible truth in what Om said.

What say?


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