The reason to the Louts of London

The louts of London were long coming. What else will you breed if you plant and nurture a welfare state? Of course louts who feed for free off the sweat of those who work for a living. Europe is populated by liberal socialist soft states that have for long rewarded lazy louts by dipping into the working man's coffers. In doing so they've near perfected the immoral welfare state. Now the very same louts bred by state have paid back in kind with arson and looting when bankrupt European states announce and enact welfare cuts.

Be warned. Barack's doing what Europe's done for years, in the US. Creating the immoral welfare state. What London's witnessing will one day dawn across the Atlantic. Its only fit Barack and everyone else knows that a society's glory lies in the promotion and sustenance of acts of industrial value creation. Great societies are those where people toil so products and services can be crafted. And in participating in the industrial act these hard working people earn an income which they then use to buy products and services.

Welfare states insult the toils of hard working men. They commit daylight robbery when they dip into the hard working mans' income to reward louts who don't move a muscle. Britain and other European states have been doing this for long. And now when they've gone bankrupt they've cut back. With disastrous results

Is it any wonder London's burning? (To know how the louts are bred, watch the Judge Judy video above.)


Asha said…
"There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" or is there?

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