Why Middle Class greed is good!

Why is Middle Class greed good?

Before I say why, note that this 'condemnable' greed is funded by their own hard earned money. I wonder why anyone should have a problem with that? Consider this. If the middle class are greedy that means they'll only care for themselves. Is that bad? What would they do when they care only for themselves? They'll try and make their lives better. How will they do that? By buying products and services that increase their comfort. What will that do? Put money into the hands of people that sell those products and services. What will that in turn do? Put money into the hands (read salaries) of those who participated in the process of making products and services.

The average man will have money in hand only if average others consume. That consumption is at the heart of a nation's prosperity.

Again, if the greedy middle class didn't spend their money, what would they be doing? Sleeping with the money beneath their pillows? Far from it, they would be investing it. If they invest their money, what good does it do? It becomes capital for others to use to make products and services.

You see, its the same products and services story. Goods and services remain the only fuel to prosperity of a country.

Making a direct reference to the middle class hankering for lower interest rates as stated by Alam, what's again wrong with that? If for a moment the government or Alam think that's greed, so be it. But do us middle class a favour. Open up the markets to competition in lending. Let competitive markets decide the rates.

Think about it. Where do you think the rates are gonna go?

I rest my case.


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