Clueless 'bout me!

I am not surprised at times I am clueless about what I do. I always knew this 'lack' was bound to happen. I only wished I'd spot it quick.

I did.

Last Sunday at church I see this kid buttoned to the hilt. I thought he looked cute. Then his dad walks in buttoned up too. Soon it dawns. I realise its the dad's influence playing out on the kid. The former's choice of clothes for himself drove choices made for the kid (at least when it came to clothes).

Then it hits me. By Jove, extend that to yours truly!

I've always picked the more casual kind of clothes for Jaden. Why? I love causals and wear 'em, even at church (though most think that's inappropriate). It was unnerving for me to realise I've made choices for my kid based on choices I make for myself. Without even knowing it!

The influence of the family on a child, I believe, is vastly underestimated. We are who we are, deep inside, thanks (or maybe, no thanks) to our family. The generation influence that get's carried on plays out subtly without either generation knowing. Agreed, a subsequent generation could 'break' away, but again deep inside, nothing much changes across generations.

For example, if you hate the insecure you, load part blame on your parents. They can in turn pass it on.



Matz said…
This is a good post. Thanks for sharing.
aritra said…
Completely agree on the passing the buck statement, that is something we all do. But, don't you think the influence a parent has on his kid lasts only to a certain age? According to me, by the time a kid hits puberty, his locus of influence(for lack of a better term)shifts more to external sources and the decisions made are also based on these factors. Your views?

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