The Real Winners

Its indeed distressing to know our hockey players get close to zilch despite winning the Asian Champions Trophy. But then again, the hockey federation supposedly has no money in its kitty. And then there's the veritable comparison made with cricket, and its board that's rolling in money.

Well, I say the comparison's rather unfair. Don't give cricket and its administrators too much credit for all that money. Instead give more credit to the fact that we can't as a nation produce winners in the global arena in any other sport. Couple that with the good fortune Indian cricket enjoys in earning the world champion tag in a boring sport that a handful of countries play.

Its almost like the adulation the IITs and the IIMs enjoy. There's hardly any real competition thanks to regulation keeping the biggie B Schools from the West out. Plus the first four decades of artificial scarcity meant these institutions got a headstart with near zero competition for all that time.

Know what, save your adulation for the real winners. The ones who beat out free market competition and emerge on top of the pile. I can tell you that happens because they give the best deal there is to their consumers.

Those are the real winners! Worthy of our admiration.


Arun John said…
sir ..i quite agree that cricket is at an advantage because of its popularity ...but that popularity in the first place was because it was success from the time it started ...people can relate to something that we were good at..after the 1983 WC all started believing that this is the sport that can bring us joy..its not crickets fault that it has been the only successful sport till date...CRICKET is good because its good but we we expect others to be better ..period
Ray Titus said…

quite can't be faulted....but we can be smarter....won't hurt....right?

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