Selfish self pursuit is way better

The problem with Arundhati's socialist rant is that propagates an 'equalising' process that achieves the exact opposite. In fact the outcome of such drives (read, to achieve equitable prosperity) is greater inequity, and of course the loss of freedom.

Societies that are freer, and that allow for the pursuit of selfish inequality have end up with what comes closest to equitable prosperity. Meaning the general lot of people who populate such free societies are far better. On the other hand societies that have through government tried to engineer equitable prosperity have miserably failed. Plus they have perpetrated on their people a system that eats into their freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Its important every nation recognise the value of liberty. Liberty is what engineers prosperity on an near-even platform. There is no government anywhere in the world that's achieved the utopian dream of equity dreamt by likes of Arundhati. Attempts at equity surely have been made in the past. Such experiments have turned places into ones where everyone's miserable. Everyone, except people in government, and power positions.

As we turn the corner on 9/11 we must remember those attacks and others as ones that attempted to take away our liberty. Under the garb of perceived wrongs the perpetrators of such heinous crimes try and disrupt our world of commerce. A world in which we enjoy the greatest of god's gifts, freedom. A world that allows us freely to engage in what is at the heart of our personal and collective prosperity.

The right to produce. The right to consume.


Unknown said…
what is equality???

Jack and Jill on desert island:

•Equalize resources: Give half the land each, although Jill is a better farmer and can grow more food, and Jack needs more food... which at the end creates an artificial scarcity and hinders prosperity

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