The 'Linger Effect' in Behaviour

At times you wonder why someone seems so angry. After all there wasn't anything that could be termed a provocation. Then why the outburst? Well, such anger is easy to decipher if you can unearth what I call the 'linger effect'.

Its hard for us to let go, more so if we've been hurt. Most hurt never finds closure. Which means it lingers. The outcome to such a 'linger effect' is its exhibition in another form, namely anger. So when people seem to be angry without reason, what they are actually doing is making an effort at getting over a past hurt. The pity is, it leaves the recipient of such anger bewildered.

Service providers too at times are at the receiving end of unexplainable consumer anger. The answer to such behaviour of course, lies in the 'linger effect'. Agreed, that's no consolation to the poor marketer at the receiving end. Though knowing why people behave they way do, should be of some solace.

I guess.


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