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Better late than never. So here's my answer to questions posed. Also thanks guys, for the Qs.

Rachana asks, 'Is it possible that the same theory of ideal self be true for the concern for some strands of grey hair?'

I don't think so. When one bothers about an uncontrollable (in this case its greying) I'd suspect it to be the prompting of the ideal social self. A focus on a controllable (the bulge) could probably be a push to get to ideal self. Though I must admit, burning fat to look good can also mean its the ideal social self that's the prompter.

Aritra asks, 'But don't you think the influence a parent has on his kid lasts only to a certain age? According to me, by the time a kid hits puberty, his locus of influence(for lack of a better term) shifts more to external sources and the decisions made are also based on these factors. Your views?'

Sure, influences change over time, but the one that leaves an everlasting effect (thus cementing our personality) is the parental one. Our parents are most probably the reason why we are who we are. Even if our circumstances change, our response is fashioned by what's been embedded far earlier (read via parental influence) within us.

Agreed, the reference groups we take to and get influenced by change over time. But do the groups that come later have as much an effect on us as our family? I doubt it.

Vineeth asks, 'Hypothetical question: If Jaden were to be in a similar spot of bother, would your advice be on similar lines? :)'

Absolutely. For now I'll make sure he's prepared. Meaning, there's martial arts on the list of things to learn for Jaden. Now please don't think I am advocating violence. But I sure am advocating a kick in the nuts to get the bully to back off. It's that or a lifetime of trying to get over lousy self esteem caused by bullying louts!


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