We NEED Wal-Mart!

So there's some people in India who think Wal-Mart shouldn't be allowed to set shop here. Pray why? Because it seems the farmers and the kirana people will go under.

Now lets for a moment think they'll go under, what's the remedy? Keep Wal-Mart out and have me, the consumer suffer higher prices! Well, pray why isn't that a concern of anyone? Oh, I get it, I am prosperous enough to not buckle under higher prices! But then think about it. Isn't everyone a consumer? Shouldn't our maid for example, have access to lower prices? If that access comes via FDI driven organised format retail, I say bring it on! Now if you think our maid can't access the superstore location, its good news for the kirana. It can stay and cater to her.

The truth is, the anti Wal-Mart tirade is familiar nonsense from bleeding heart liberals and political opportunists who don't care to understand the power of free markets. Ditto for socialists, communists, and environmentalists.

What a pity.

For those who want to flee economic ignorance and understand the value of free market competition, this article titled, 'Has Wal-Mart buried Mom and Pop?' is a must read.


Anand Reddy said…
Hi Sir - Good article to enlighten people on FDI need for India. Can you please check the link provide are not working.

Ray Titus said…
Thanks, Anand. I've fixed the link. Thank you for pointing it out.


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