Why this Kolaveri di? Here's why da!

Why this Kolaveri di?

Simple, da! It fall over the tipping point, da! Because it fulfilling the three general principles, da!

One, da, Kolaveri getting the 'law of the few right'!

'The law of the few says that success of any kind of social epidemic is “…heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.” These people are mavens – experts in a particular field, and connecters, known to and trusted by others, and who have wider connections to influential groups.'

Two, da, Kolaveri getting the 'stickiness factor' right!

'The second principle, the stickiness factor – is the message that makes an impact. Stickiness is more important than the medium. It can be an advertising device that forces people to read or listen to the ad’s message, and to actually absorb that message. It’s best done with a message that resonates with the reader, particularly in a way that offers a personal benefit. Or it could be a simple action or device that’s particularly user friendly.'

Three, da, Kolaveri lucky in getting the right 'context'!

'The third principle is context, the environment and circumstances that breed and foster an idea’s epidemic effect.'

Get it, da?
No, da?
Read 'Tipping Point', da!


Sandhya S said…
Amazing! I like the simplicity of the music, tune and lyrics of this song!
Sonia said…
Well said da !
Ray Titus said…

I liked it...but now its wearing off...But Jaden & Brooklyn can't seem to get enough of it. :)

Thanks, Sonia. :)

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