Why do you wanna be someone else?

Managing peer pressure isn't easy. But I bet you'll survive if you've cultivated a strong sense of self-worth much before you are subject to the pressures of a peer circle. And I bet again, this would have happened the right way if your parents built in you an understanding and acceptance of worth based on character, not pretenses.

Let me explain. If you probably are trying to match up to what the world wants you to be, that's because you don't value yourself on character. Instead you are in a mad rush to conform to the the 'shallow' ways of the world. And pray, what does the 'world' want of you? If you are college goer for example, and then 'cool' is what they're hammering you into becoming. Which probably explains why you've changed so much from who you were. Now your clothes are different, your hair's done differently, you talk funny, the list goes on.


You're forcing change on yourself so you are accepted by your peers. Explains why you are so susceptible to the lure of brands. You need brands to make you what others want you to be. Which of course is good news to marketers. For they lie in wait round the corner with a promise of the 'social persona' you so badly seek.

Well, this time I ain't sayin' pity. In fact, hooray to brands for helping you 'fit' in.


Unknown said…
nice post sir..

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