Cooing on a crimson tale

Lady Gaga leaving blood in the tub of the suite she was staying at has more to do with branding, than anything else. Perish the thought of any satanic rituals. Plus don't take reports of Gaga going gaga over paranormal investigators too seriously.

It's all part of the branding/positioning game.

One half of Lady Gaga is music, the other's pure performance. In fact, if asked to pick, I'd take the latter as being key to the Gaga story. Tell you what, the Gaga stories are far more important than what's real. A buy-in into the Gaga music is a buy-in into the complete story. Now there's a lesson there for for all those who are trying to sell.

Stories elicit better responses from consumers. More so in certain product categories. Of course, a story on its own can't engineer a sale. But the story could be reason why the brand's remembered, plus is differentiated from competition. The Gaga songs ain't any different or better than the rest of the stuff that gets sung.

But then which other crooner you know coos a tune that's carried by a crimson tale?


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