Knowing Brooklyn is knowing her cries

Jaden brings home an animal mask he got at school. I put it on, only to hear Brooklyn shriek. I pull the mask off quickly as I can almost smell the fear in her shriek.

Its interesting how I've gotten to reading Brooklyn's cries right. I mean, I now almost know when she cries what its about.

At times she's faking it. She's actually trying to get us to pick her up. At other times, its a hungry cry. She needs to be fed. She's even woken up from her sleep with different cries. Disturbing dreams make her cry a certain way. The lack of her mother's comforting presence makes her wail. I can tell you, that sounds way different.

Its blown me away to know she cries in myriad ways.

Trying to understand human behaviour requires that we decipher the never-ending human cues we are exposed to, all around us. Parenting runs pretty much on the same lines too. Its about being receptive to the cues the kids give out.

Ditto in Marketing. The genesis to getting marketing right begins squarely with our understanding of consumer cues. Everything else that makes up marketing follows. The best of marketers we know are ones who've deciphered consumer behaviour well. I can tell you they got it right with consumers because they first got their reading of the cues right.

I guess for the moment I am getting it right too.

With Brooklyn.


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