Mr. President, the marketer.

If you think Barack Obama was expressing solidarity with the grieving when he said, 'If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon', think again.

The president's statement has more to do with his reelection campaign that anything else. His statement is his masterstroke at connecting at an emotional level with his loyal audience, the blacks in America. Is it working? You bet. The other day Chaka Khan gushed on TV, 'Obama's words were 'beautiful'.

When it comes to Obama, his audiences are all ears as they think he spews gospel. It works because such receptivity comes with a suspension of sense. Its much like what happens to socialists when they put their faith in government. Its also much like what happens to consumers when they buy into marketer promises of 'care'.

Suspension of sense precedes buy-ins into emotive issues. The former happens because the recipient is emotionally charged. The blacks in America currently are charged up on the Trayvon issue. Barack's done well to step in and connect. As a President what Barack's done is thoroughly irresponsible, but as a candidate needing to fight an upcoming election, the move is near brilliant.

Marketers, learn from Barack. With zero substance, and overwhelming rhetoric he's gotten into the White house. Imagine what that means to you in your quest to have consumers emotively buy-into the nonsense you spew!


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