How dare they prey on our insecurities?

How dare Oprah Winfrey allude to our eating with our hands on her show!?

Shame on her!

I guess this does it! I say its time we marched up to the defunct irrelevant UN and demand a resolution be passed that denies any foreigner the opportunity to speak about us. No one, I mean no one should be allowed to point out little details about us that aren't 'really' true. 

For example, how dare The Australian write about us defecating in the open? How dare they publish such outrageous stuff? 

They write, 'More than six decades after India won its freedom from British colonial rule, 55 per cent of its people - by one count 638 million - do not have access to a toilet of any kind and defecate in the open. Paradoxically, more people have access to mobile phones in India than to basic sanitation. A recent estimate suggested about 366 million people have access to sanitation while there are about 600 million mobile phones in service in the emerging economy. "It is a tragic irony to think that in India, a country now wealthy enough that roughly half of the people own phones, about half cannot afford the basic necessity and dignity of a toilet," a UN report has stated. It is hardly surprising that India's Environment and Forests Minister Jairam Ramesh has said: "If there is a Nobel prize for dirt and filth, India will win it, no doubt." He is right.'

How dare they?

How dare the NY Times write about dowry deaths or female foeticide in India? How dare they publish such 'lies'? 

They write, 'The treatment of women as second-class citizens is deeply embedded in the Indian mindset, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh,Christian, Jain or Parsee. Despite legislation making dowry illegal, dowry demands are exorbitant and still result in an estimated 25,000 dowry deaths a year, at the hands of avaricious grooms and in-laws. Child widows are meted execrable treatment and are denied the right of remarriage.'

How dare they?

You know what I think? I think this is a global conspiracy led by Oprah to defame our glorious past, present, and future. Therefore I demand the defunct UN act! I demand the nations of the world allow us to live in denial. I demand they not prey on our insecurities. I demand they let us live our illusion.

Shame on you, Oprah!


Unknown said…
sir, their are a couple of things i would want to know here regarding what exactly offended so many people

First, she wasn't exactly lying when she said we eat with our hands, so was it her tone that offended us?
Second, were we offended because deep down we consider eating with hands uncivilised?

If it's the tone that made us angry, then there's no solution, except getting a thicker skin.
Soumya said…
Sir ,
I so get the reactions of these millions.
I now live in a country away from home and the first few months of conversation with people made me feel insecure and sometimes even the slightest stares made me feel that they did so because I am an Indian..Maybe they did, may be they did not. But the fact is deep down inside we are so insecure about ourselves and that anything can just offend us..It really does not matter
We switch from hands to Fork. Idly and dosa to burger and chips. churidhars to pants and suits just in our pursuit to fit in...
Now when the sane mind makes sense that it does not matter whether they love me or hate me... all that matters is if I do ...
Anonymous said…
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