Who's responsible?

The greatest of danger to mankind comes not from the spread of terror, or something of that sort. It comes instead from liberal dimwits who refuse to see, or even consider what is reason.

Take the tragic theater shooting at Denver for example. What's the liberal dimwit's classic response to the tragedy? Gun control. Pray why? Because it seems guns are the reason why people are dead. Guns, not the lunatic gunman. Now this kind of idiocy abounds. Take Bloomberg for example. He thinks colas are why people are obese. Not their own irresponsible eating habits.

Its easy why liberals point fingers at everything other than human behavior. Because if such pointing's done, people have to own up to their responsibility, admit to their frailty. Now taking responsibility for actions isn't humanly possible for liberals. Liberals are raised to point fingers, at colas, burgers, and of course guns.

Marketers aren't the reason why consumers chose to consume. Consumption rests solely on the shoulders of consumers. The way is see it, no one's holding a gun to anyone when it comes to buying. Consumers buy because they believe products and services are solutions to their needs. Now I may think a particular product needn't be bought, but you may think otherwise and you have the right to, for my needs aren't necessarily the same as yours. But at the end of day, you and I are responsible for the purchases we make.

The reason to Denver isn't guns, but a lunatic. Just like the reason to the lard that's piling on my sides isn't the burger I gorge on, IT'S ME.



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