Who deserves taxpayer money?

'Like any other human activity, sports too should be seen in the right perspective: how it helps the community at large in becoming better. If sports do not serve a social purpose, it’s a useless exercise that helps only those who play or sponsor it or earrn their bread and butter through it. If a boxer or shooter wins a medal, gets bags of cash from the state and puts it all into his house and cars and private academies and personal indulgences, it’s like throwing people’s hard-earned money into the gutters. Why should the tax-payers’ money be given to an individual? Just because he brings some 15-seconds of national glory – the glory that is not enough to provide us anything that really matters.' 

Really Shoban, that's the best you can come up with

The right perspective to sports is helping the community at large in becoming better? 

Ha ha ha!

Pity you have zero understanding of human behavior! Pity you have no idea that selfish self pursuit does more for any community than socialist nonsense. Sixty years of socialist hell and you still want more of the same? You're not willing to bet on selfishness? Guess they should make in mandatory that journalists learn free market economics in journalism school! 

For a moment consider the idiocy in Shoban's question. He asks, 'Why should taxpayers money be given to an individual?' Smart question dude! But real question you should be asking is a bit different. The answer to that question will help you figure the beginning to how to make things better in India!

Shoban, the real question is, 'Why should taxpayer money be given to your fantasy benefactor, the government?'

If you think taxpayer money is wasted on winning athletes, what makes you think it will be any different if its the government we hand our hard earned money over to? Sure, Saina isn't going to build a hospital with her tax payer funded prize money, but you think the government's going to? And even if the government does build one its quite probable that it ends up killing babies (some even call it a genocide). Plus you think the government's got the brains or the desire to build institutions that alleviate problems of society? Sixty years of gross mismanagement of public money and you still think we should be plying the government with more taxpayer money!

Don't you know the only reason government should exist is so we can be assured of our individual liberty? I guess you don't because you probably are a hardcore socialist who incidentally works for a publication that's as market oriented as it can get!

Shoban, I am not surprised you, as many others don't get it. In fact it isn't you, its what we are taught, and in many ways its who we are. For starters, its only welfare economics that's shoved down our throats in our years of learning. Plus what makes it worse for us is as a society we have zero belief or consideration for what is individual liberty. We are forever glorifying the 'collective'.

That's a double whammy.

That's probably why you write what you write.

What can save us Shoban isn't the government or any well managed social efforts. What can is free market capitalism. 

Pity you don't know.


Unknown said…
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