All marketers are liars

The slimy MSNBC had to do it. They had to doctor a tape to present the real gentleman (he actually did what gentlemen do, prompting the crowd to chant 'Romney-Ryan' and not just 'Romney') Mitt as a weasel begging a crowd to chant his name.

Of course, MSNBC won't mend their ways. I bet they'll continue on the slime road.

It isn't just media that suffers from a trust deficit. Most often marketers too are taken as liars. Marketing is often equated by the average consumer to lying.


It seems in the world we live in, being genuine and nice can only get you so far. Over and beyond belongs to the slime patrol. When it comes to pinning responsibility, if consumers buy into make-believe nonsense from marketers, its their fault. Just like if Americans want to buy into a community organizer who survives on rhetoric, they deserve the bankruptcy that'll surely follow.

I just hope it'll be different this time around. I hope the genuine, nice guy who makes sense gets to the White House.

Ditto for marketing. I hope marketers who are genuine in their message and value to consumers get their patronage. 


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