Economic Sense rears its head in India

Thank God for Dr. Manmohan Singh, our honorable Prime Minister. On a bleak landscape that is Indian politics, Dr. Singh stands as a beacon of hope.

Dr. Singh's character is impeccable, a rarity in Indian politics. So are his educational and economic competency credentials which put him amongst the very few on the political scene with economic sense. Agreed, Dr. Singh's toed the socialist line in the past, but as a nation we need to desperately cling to little mercies that at times appear in the form of our honorable Prime Minister and his cabinet decisons!

As for the Trinamool Congress and their ministerial resignations, I must say its good riddance to bad rubbish. The Trinamool Congress can go back and continue bankrupting Bengal.

FDI in retail for one is a must for India. The beneficiaries for sure will include producers and consumers. Sure, the socialist idiots and jhollawallahs will always be around to ensure penury reigns, but that's no reason why sense mustn't come through.

Here's hoping economic sense stays on the scene long enough. 


Unknown said…
what a disappointment... an article written just to save Indian honor without concern for victims or protesters views. After you rightly highlighted the orientalist slant of much commentary on this situation I thought you would move on to presenting the genuine concern of native protesters I heard it myself in India, people are in despair because they feel their government is unreachable and justice will never come. Pointless article! To get more info please visit

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