The world according to Liberals

My problem with leftist liberals stems from two critical inabilities they harbor. Liberals can't take responsibility, and when required can't pin the blame. If by any chance liberals take to doing the aforementioned two things, I bet they'll mess up big-time. Meaning they'll assume responsibility when not required, and pin blame on the wrong people.

Obese liberals think McDonald's is to blame, not their wolfish appetites. The outcome to such leftist liberal thinking is a ban on large sodas.

Leftists think Iran's a sweet little nation trying to make the best of nuclear power so its own people benefit. How dare Israel make a song and dance about such peaceful stuff? Such thinking explains perfectly why the America Barack Obama envisionsis one which disparages and shuns its allies — Honduras, Poland, the Czech Republic, Egypt of the recent past, and, most prominently, Israel — while establishing ever closer ties with its overt enemies — Russia, Turkey — and winking at sundry terrorist organizations — Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and local offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

When it comes to the world of consumption, leftists think consumers are babes in the woods, led there by marketers. 

But marketers know better. Consumers are wherever they are because they wanted to be there in the first place. Marketers only aided them make that journey. So if Joe's wolfing down the burgers, and downing all the sodas, all marketers did was figure out Joe's appetite and put on the menu, whoppers and sodas. 

I am not a leftist liberal. Which is why I think Bloomberg and the Board of Health are first class idiots to ban large sodas. Which again is why I agree with Dinesh D'Souza that the dream Barack Obama is intent on realizing is the dream of his anti-colonialist father, Barack Obama Sr..

Last but not the least, Joe's to blame! 

He's fat because he's a slob!


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