To swoon or not to

My prediction on the Presidential debates? We (read, the sensible ones) will see the unraveling of Barack. Meaning we'll witness Barack for who he really is. A community organizer who has zero knowledge or ideas about business, and logically so since he's spent all his time 'organizing'. The debates will also show why the rest of world doesn't yet know what Barack's grades were in college.

Tell you what, unlike Fareed Zakaria who thinks Barack's cerebral, I think the opposite and I will be proven right at the debates.

But hold on, Barack will score too!

With liberal dimwits. No matter what, they'll see Barack as 'cerebral' at the debates. Remember Fareed and his swooning? We'll see a lot of that happening with the dimwits at the debates.

Its like what happens at the consumption scene too. I see Apple, and I buy Samsung. The cult sees Apple and swoons!



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