Why Gangnam Style's gone Global

What makes Gangnam Style the 'original' is its pace and width of adoption. Gangnam Style has clocked a blistering pace around the world. From Peru to New York to Indonesia to Australia, GS has truly gone global. Unlike Kolaveri Di in India, GS is here to stay a tad longer. Kolaveri may have required Dhanush to go around promoting it, but for Gangnam, its the flash mobs that take it to common folk.

What got GS going is its content that has universal appeal. Unlike Kolaveri, Gangnam Style is a feast for all senses. The video content's got everything in it to suck in eyeballs, the music is downright catchy, and the dance style though funnily simple, is arresting enough to make everyone want to move a leg and a hand!

Gangnam now has been featured on TV shows around the world. Its moved over from TV studios to stadiums, malls, streets, and university campuses.

GS is a viral marketing superstar marching on the strength of viewer promotion, and publicity.

Way to go, GS!


Unknown said…
Whatever the reason why it became global, the point is that Gangnam Style still doesn't seem to be losing steam. At this rate, Psy will be selling out Broadway and royal albert hall tickets soon enough.

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