Romney for President, here's why.

As the days go by its becoming clear why America should vote Romney. Mitt comes across comprehensively as 'presidential material' while Barack reinforces what's been proven over and over again, that he's a rank amateur who got lucky!

Part of the 'presidential character' in Romney is about strategic ability. Romney is a strategy guy, both for the country, and for himself. Look at the way he approached the final debate. Whilst Obama took the wrangling route., Romney stayed resolute with his designed strategy.

Look and behave Presidential!

Conservatives including me were surprised at Benghazi not rearing its head. In retrospect, that was as good as a tactic can get. Not attacking Barack in a 'perceptually' crude manner was part of the 'staying presidential' strategy. Remember, this was the final debate. Romney had to come out of it looking like he can be President, He did. Barack exited looking like he was running for class prefect.

Its now amply clear. Vote Romney-Ryan, and you get a President and Vice President who can lead! Vote Obama-Biden, you get a continuation of teleprompter aided gasbag talk that'll do nothing to diminish America's woes. Plus you get the buffoon in tow, who'll laugh at anything.

As with elections, marketing is also about strategy  Doing an assessment of the environment to spot opportunities, building the right competencies, identifying a target consumer segment, and crafting a superior value proposition is what exacts consumer patronage.

With regard to the American elections, Romney in all manner possible is far superior as a presidential proposition. Come November, if Americans are looking to a brighter future, they know who to vote for. 


Unknown said…
Yeh Romney can be a good president of America in future if he elected for it.But we can not say definitely something for anyone before testing.We can only come to know about person when he sit on the chair and gain all power of president.After that we can say something about that person according to his activities.

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