What you need, you must pay for!

Make no mistake. If the Venezuelan elections have been free and fair, and the 55 percent vote share Hugo got is legitimate, we can call a little over half of Venezuelans free-loaders.

Any country that takes on socialism via elections must have freeloaders teeming in plenty. After all, when you vote on a promise of 'universal everything' you must by default not believe in paying for products and services.

Universal anything is the attainment of benefits via thievery. Such thievery happens because the hard-working, wage earning are reduced to a minority. Such a minority with their numbers can't usher in capitalism and competitive markets, and so will pay on behalf of the slothful majority who vote 'universal everything'. Make no mistake, socialism can only be bred in places populated by a slothful majority who expect others to pay for their upkeep and well being.

In a world where competition thrives, and government stays away from thievery,  products and services don't come free. They come at a price, and they are to be paid for because it costs someone to make them. All those who participate in the making of products and services are paid wages, which then is used to buy products and services.

Now that's legitimate!

Those who get products and services without having to pay for them because government provides them free, have zero desire in participating in the 'hard' act of making products and services. These are the free loaders who keep socialism alive.

About Hugo, I don't care much. In fact  I am not sure if one half Venezuelans can ever be persuaded to work, earn, and pay for the stuff they need. But with America, there's much at stake. Again, make no mistake, if Obama wins, it'll because America is going the Venezuelan way.

Its turning into a country of slothful free-loaders.


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