Why Liberals are Socialists

If you turn liberal, that's the closest you'll ever get to being a 'low-life'. Why? 'Cos then you'll believe life at conception has zero value, but serial killers on death row need redemption.

If you are a liberal, you are bound to twist someone like Murdock's comments on rape to seem as if he said, 'rape is willed by god', when what he actually pointed to (albeit in a poor manner) was the 'sacredness' of life. Never mind how that life came into being.

If you are a liberal you're probably a dumbass too, like Billy Ray Cyrus who I was listening to on the Piers Morgan Show. Apparently Billy's voting Obama because there's too much of hate going around, and BO, Billy believes will trumpet in the love! Also, Billy loves the fact that BO's an ardent supporter of gay marriage.


Billy the dumbass has no idea what its like, for example to try and croon love to the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Far from lovin' Billy, the Talibanis probably will slit his throat if they knew in Billy's books there's celebration that accompanies two men rolling in the hay.

La-la land is where liberals live. In fact they can't be expected to step out and face what's real, because that would mean the rules they live by change. Its kinda similar to why third world socialist nations won't consider ushering in real competition, because that would mean crony capitalists will take a tumble at the hands of merciless consumers who'll exercise choice in their patronage of business firms.

Now you know why liberals are socialists.

Now you know why BO must be voted out. 


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