Descent into Third-World Hell

Make no mistake about it, America's changed!

America is busy donning a 'third world' character, and its easy to see why. Blame it squarely on demographic changes. From being 'white conservative-get the government out of my life' dominated, America is slipping into becoming a 'liberal white/colored-government gimme handouts' nation. Such a change means any proposition that seeks majority acceptance will HAVE TO pander to the latter's sensibilities.

As a marketer, I would have recommended business concerns with a mass model not to bat an eyelid, and alter their value propositions to appeal to cravings of the majority. In fact on the political landscape, that's exactly what Barack's done. He's dangled promises of handouts to sloth-seekers, never mind bankrupting America in the process. Such acts of 'kindness' come naturally to Barack given his lineage and pedigree.

To wrest America back to what its founding fathers visioned it to be, its important conservatives neither move to the center, nor pander to godless liberals. Instead they need to work hard at overturning the demographic advantage favoring freeloaders. In simple terms this means increase their numbers through procreation, and conversion when possible.

I can tell you it'll be a while before America gets its demographic makeup right enough to bring back its founding ideals. Till then, America can continue its plummet into third world socialist hell.


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