Who to vote for

Come Tuesday, I hope Americans send Mitt to the White House.

This probably may be one of the most important elections in American history, because this one will decide if Americans want to descend into the 'way of the world', or stay steadfast to values that are uniquely theirs.

This election isn't just important to America, it's as much to the rest of the world. If Mitt wins, America will remain for the rest of the world a beacon of hope, standing tall to the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If Barack stays, it means America will join the ranks in fostering and reeking of government dependency.

America wasn't founded on a belief in the collective. America was scripted so the rights of individuals stay sacred and protected. In voting for Mitt, Americans will be voting to keep those rights intact. In voting for Mitt, Americans will be voting to keep government out of people's lives. In voting for Mitt, Americans will be voting to keep themselves free, so they own sole rights to choices about their way of life.

Here's hoping America knows who to vote for.


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