Why the Statist Socialist is back!

Sean thinks it could have been the emotions of an electorate that brought Obama back!

Wrong, I say!

Dependency, Depravity, and Ignorance are why the statist socialist is back!

The constituents who brought him back?

Blacks, Browns, Liberal Whites, and the Mainstream Media!

Here's the explanatory link between the constituents and their reasons:

The Black community in America thrives on government dependency. Who's gonna continue helping them get by without the toil?

Barack Obama.

The immigrant browns from third world countries are an ignorant lot who have no idea what it means to live by and thrive on your own. They've come in from rat-holes where governments loom large. Who'll keep such liberty-denying government they're used to, in the picture?

Barack Obama.

The depraved liberal whites need their gay unions, and the right to abort babies. Who'll let them do that?

Barack Obama.

The mainstream media (read, lamestream) need to keep running their socialist propaganda, and apologist stances. Who'll cheer them on?

Barack Obama.

Barack is back!

Goodbye America for another four years!


Wow, what a post, Sir.

I was on your side too. Wanted Mitt to win.

Dependency of Americans on the government would increase with Obama becoming the Prez again. The free market economics, capitalism and individual rights to live & work in prosperity, for which America has been known for, would severely diminish, for the next 4 years.

Mitt may have lost, but he still is, the 'presidential character' for Me.

Sir, tweeted about this blog post too at - http://twitter.com/Deeptaman
Prof, Obama's policies were against free market forces, capitalist principles (Banks, Auto bailouts, Gov Healthcare intervention, taxes on outsourcing - protectionism to name a few). However, Can we safely say that Obama succeeded as a marketer by catering to his selected segment (people who wish to live on bailouts) and delivering in terms of what they wanted?
Ray Titus said…

Thanks, Appreciate it. Good to hear from you after a while. :)


You bet Obama catered to those that demand handouts!

Check my blog post - 'Descent into Third World Hell'.


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