Economists sans Economic Logic

When Omkar Goswami says if he were American he'd have voted Obama, I gotta wonder why a DSE, Oxford educated fellow holds a candle to tyranny, and a community organizer who's pretty much bankrupted a country. 

Know what, I worry my country is saddled with welfare economists who've no idea what free markets can do. I guess the saving grace is knowing such bleeding heart liberals educated at elite liberal institutions aren't confined to third world countries. Truth is, they even rear their head in places like America dictating policies, and leaving bankruptcies in their wake.

To get what I'm saying better, listen carefully to the exchange (from 2008) between Mark Levin and UC Berkeley educated Economics Professor Teresa Ghilarducci on the American government's plan to nationalize 401K plans. Mark rips Teresa and exposes not just her lack of economic logic, but also more dangerously, her subverting the constitution through her advocacy of nationalization programs.

Back home, I wish Omkar takes the time to know what the Tea Party really starts for. Plus I don't its too late for him to read up on free markets, and also see Obama not as a savior but a community organizer who sailed into the White House by taking America down the third world road. 


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