Recognizing & Punishing Evil for Evil

There's been a stark difference in the emotion fueled reaction of the public to tragedies at Sandy Hook, and to the one at Delhi. Post Sandy Hook, there's been a renewed call for gun control. Post Delhi, people are demanding death penalty for the rapists.

Consider the two demands, and you'll see the difference I am talking about. Plus there's a reason why the calls are of the kind they are. The 'clinical' nature of slaughter at Sandy Hook has prompted some people (read, liberals) to intuitively delineate the evil doer from the tool used to commit evil. Liberals are livid about guns. They think its guns that killed.

In Delhi, and across India, there's been no such association. Though in Delhi too weapons were used to brutalize the girl, people have squarely pinned the act on the beasts that did it. Note in Delhi, the body contact (read, rape) has sealed the responsibility of the act on those who committed it. At Sandy Hook, the lack of such contact is partly why people are hoisting the horrendous crime on to guns.

Here's how both the tragedies must be viewed. Its human evil that's behind both crimes, and therefore the blame must be pinned squarely on those who perpetrated evil. Guns and weapons were mere facilitators, contributing to greater barbarity. Surely this means evildoers must be punished.

The Delhi rapists must be hung! The likes of Adam Peter Lanza should be sent to the gallows!


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