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The Nonsense in Unionized Collective Bargaining

In America, as elsewhere liberty is under threat. Every day, every hour. The latest comes from the protests against the right to work legislation that's turning law in the state of Michigan. What can I say, its now time to add Union thugs to the illustrious list of liberty deniers that include Barack, Buffet, and of course all liberals who've turned America into moocher nation.

Unionized collective bargaining exacting greater rewards for all workers is touted as reason why every worker must pay unions. What nonsense! By that same measure, all citizens should be forced to pay equal taxes because each and everyone of them partake of available public services. In fact the lesser contributors reap greater public benefits! If so, why are the rich made to pay more, and why are some even exempt from direct taxes?

Though I believe every worker has the right to bargain, individually or collectively, I find the practice of the latter through coercion, disgusting. No worker should be forced to either join a union, or to pay union charges. If the union can exact better rewards for workers, and non-union non-paying members also benefit, so be it.

I also believe wages across a workforce must differ depending on each worker's ability to create value within a business firm. If in the same position, two workers create differing value, the one who creates more must be paid more! Why should they both get the same reward? Plus if the worker who is the higher value creator exercises greater bargaining power, that's perfectly legitimate! He deserves to have such power!

It would be good for the union thugs everywhere to realize their bargaining and exacting rewards from their wicked business masters raise costs. Such raised costs can in turn jeopardize the competitiveness of a business firm, even leading to its closure! Is it any wonder then Michigan today illustrates perfectly well, what's wrong with collective bargaining, and indeed Barack's socialist vision of America. From being an industrial powerhouse, Michigan today represents a wasteland littered with corpses of value-eroded firms.

How did that come to be? The answer's where the union thugs come in!


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