Why Indian Middle Class must steer off Politics!

As usual, socialist talking heads on TV that included socialist sycophant, Mani Shankar Aiyer, and liberal moderator Barkha Dutt waxed eloquent on why the Indian Middle Class needs to get off their armchairs and contribute to the political scene in India, which according to the them wasn't anywhere close to happening.

As usual, I had to mourn their utter lack of economic and social sense.

Imagine if the Middle Class were to turn to politics. India would then lose the only value creating class it has. Its plain for all to see, at the top, crony capitalism has enabled the rich (read, the majority) to dig in, and hold on to wealth derived through rigging the socialist system since independence. At the bottom, over decades, a dependent class (read, majority) has been fostered that finds no reason to break out of their misery and yearn and toil towards a better life.

Which means if the top and the bottom on the social and economic ladder aren't the real wealth drivers in India, who is?

The Great Indian Middle class is India's only hope. A classic example to what they can do is Infosys. The company epitomizes middle class wealth creators who risked, borrowed, invested, engineered value, created wealth, and spread it around through means that are legitimate! Contrast this with the career political class in India. These are a bunch of people who haven't worked a day in their lives. They've forever lived off taxpayers while ensuring value creators (read, entrepreneurs) were discouraged with hurdles. All the while they've shamelessly fostered a dependent lower class using money usurped from the taxpaying middle class, which incidentally helped keep them in power (a trick borrowed and adopted by community organizer Barack).

The road to hell in India is paved with the Middle Class taking to Politics. In contrast, the path to prosperity will be scripted (thankfully its happening) by the middle class taking to value creation, either through entrepreneurial ventures, or by participating freely in the value creation process of these ventures.

Also, guess what the latter prosperous path will lead to? It will see the hegemony of the ensconced system rigging rich class' unraveling. It will also prompt the lower classes to get off their government dependency and take to wealth creation on their own.

Wow, imagine that!

That blessed day will come, of that I am sure!

I just hope its sooner than later!


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