String the Deviant, and quick.

If our aim is to take revenge for grave crimes that some children undertake, like rape and murder, by all means let us imprison, even hang them. But if our aim is to help reform the child, as we would our own, an adult prison is the least likely site in which a child's intrinsic capacities for goodness can be reclaimed. 

The problem with the weepy nonsense Harsh Mander parades in the TOI stems from what it does to conservatives like me who believe in justice. Harsh uses words like revenge to paint (note, subtly) conservatives as bloodthirsty savages bent on punishing all juveniles.

Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact I'd willingly join ranks with liberals (like Mander) in believing children must be protected, nurtured, and rehabilitated if necessary. But where I break ranks is when I refuse membership into the dimwit club that buys into utopia. Instead I choose to believe in the bell shaped curve. I believe there will be outliers among juveniles. I believe such rare juvenile deviants must pay for their crimes. I believe when it comes to the rarest of rare juvenile case, taxpayer money mustn't be spent to rehabilitate a deviant who's committed a crime that's beyond reprehensible (like rape and kill). I believe such a psychotic juvenile must pay! With his life! There's nothing barbaric about that. Its justice!

Adults too must pay in similar fashion.

If a father bites off the lips and nose of his five month old baby, to hell with rehabilitation. To hell with mercy! Stop wasting taxpayer money and string him up.

Do it quick!


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