Chavez is dead! Time to bury Socialism!

Never mind America taking the socialistic road to hell with Obama, in Chavez's passing Venezuela has a chance to break away. Whether Venezuelans will take the chance they have remains to be seen.

My bet is, they won't.


Socialism works and entrenches itself in moocher filled nations. To know know why socialist nations can't beat their dependency driven habits, you have to first know how socialism gets ensconced.

In a nutshell this is how socialism happens, as engineered by the likes of Chavez.

One, disarm the population. This renders them helpless and at the mercy of government. Two, seize control over factors of production. This ensures anyone bent on creating value in the economy has to prostrate to government to get sanction to the act. Three, let time pass and ensure cronies breed and manage industrial production. Four, limit production and ensure artificial scarcity, effectively transforming the populace into moochers begging for products and services. Four, under the guise of taxes, have government coffers 'fill up'. Five, distribute from coffers via various hair brained schemed, products and services in a manner that breeds dependency. Six, do it long enough to have people believe government is their savior!

Voila, the few government gods will now rule nations.

Chavez was such a god.

Chavez is dead. Venezuela has a chance to move to liberty. Venezuela has a chance at capitalism, the only form of economic governance that guarantees liberty.

Here's hoping Venezuela takes it!


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